Kandahar 2001

On one level, this film is about a woman’s search for her sister on a tight timeline, before she commit suicide. On a secondary level, it is about a woman’s identity on her return home. On a third level, it is about the physical necesities such as medical economic problems within the desert.  These physical realities may contrast the security of the protagonist and may also hint at the atrocities commited in Kandahar.
 Themes of gender identity involve love, marriage, expectation of income. The protagonit must hide herelf and trasnform into a fake wife throughout her journey. She assimilate into the culture but remains tied to modernity with a tape recorder. A second theme other than gender is modernity. Legs falling from the sky from the Red Cross Helicopter suggest the benefit of modernity in a traditional culture. Tradition on the other hand is exemplified through an ideological academic system were boys study the Qu’ran to eventually earn a living. 
The doctor might symbolize the decay of traditionalism when he mentions that most of the sicknesses in the people are easily cured but they are uneducated. Even traditional event like marraige are used to hide identities especially when crossing borders. There i little trust among the characters and there is a big divide between the foreign doctor, red cross, and protagonist compared to the others.  
The narrative itself is not about conflict but rather steps in a journey, referencing to an ancient folkloric way of storytelling. There is also different dialects such as Russian, English, Arabic and possibly languages from Iran. 
Only  physical things like painting nails, or buying fake legs add joy and freedom and are possibly messages the director is using to say how physically bound people are ideologically, and through polticical spaces.


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