“The Terrorist Next Door” (2008)

After our 1st week in class, a classmate told me about a film on TV called “The Terrorist Next Door”. We came across this topic because we were talking about ‘blatant film titles’ and the representation of Arabs in the media. In the media, Arabs are represented as two extremes; friendly and peaceful or politically dangerous.

There is little explained in the synopsis of the film. It seems to be about an Algerian who fails to achieve his goals and adopts extremist views. This story about 1 person, is also a commentary on the ‘inner’ world of extremist people.

One comment I have to make is the involvement of my country, Canada in such politics. There are many issues with immigration, one of them being national security and Canada’s status as a ‘refuge’ for unknown peoples.

It would be more interesting to talk about these issues from a Global standpoint, instead of a western or eastern one. Globalism affects all countries and involves not only immigration but also trade. Identity has also changed now that boundaries have become less defined, with international-laws and trade.


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